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April Employee of the Month at Keystone Pointe Health and Rehabilitation

April 23, 2020
LaGrange, Ohio - Congratulations to Keystone Pointe's employee of the month Christie Thurman.
Christie Thurman, STNA and Activity Aide, is Keystone Pointe Health and Rehabilitation's employee of the month. Christie has worked at Keystone Pointe for several years. Christie began as an Activity Aide at Keystone Pointe in the Pathways unit for residents with dementia. A few years ago, she noted she wished she could do more to help the residents at dinner time or when the staff is very busy, so Christie took the STNA class and became an STNA as well. Christie is recognized by the families and residents of the Pathways unit as someone who works very hard to keep the resident's happy and active. Christie is a certified activity director, and her supervisor, Linda Forster says, "Christie leads a wonderful activity program on Pathways, she helps guide the other activity staff to provide good programs and is a tremendous asset to the department."

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