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Coworkers Rally Together at LaGrange Nursing Home

March 16 , 2020
LaGrange, Ohio - We have such generous, caring staff members.
Several staff members commented they were afraid some of our other team members might be short on food as so many stores are limited in supply and area restaurants closed. These generous staff members donated a good amount of food for our team to share with those in need. Keystone Pointe is adding more food to this to assist in our effort to help each other out as we need it!

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Tuition Reimbursement Helps Nursing Home Staff Staff Advance Careers
Read more about Keystone Pointe's team continuing to learn!

Local Businesses Donate Flowers to LaGrange Nursing Home
Keystone Pointe thanks LaGrange Hardware and the Enchanted Florist!

Mother's Day Flowers at Keystone Pointe
We can accept flowers for Mother's Day following certain guidelines.

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