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Keystone Pointe Celebrates Staff Members Excellent Contributions

April 14, 2020
LaGrange, Ohio - Keystone Pointe thanked 15 staff members for their many contributions and their years of service to Keystone Pointe's residents. Shown are many of the staff members receiving their Foundation Health Services Fleece Jackets as a thank you for their significant service. As part of the celebration, Keystone had a Mexican themed event for staff which included excellent Mexican food for staff, a number of gifts including the mystery box and several staff members dressed to honor the rich culture of Mexico. Residents also got to take part in a Mexican themed lunch and fun activities.

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Local Businesses Donate Flowers to LaGrange Nursing Home
Keystone Pointe thanks LaGrange Hardware and the Enchanted Florist!

Mother's Day Flowers at Keystone Pointe
We can accept flowers for Mother's Day following certain guidelines.

Keystone Pointe Update
We are looking forward to the day we open our doors to you, until then, please do your part and stay home, and most importantly be well.

Keystone Pointe Update, Virtual Communication Invite
The staff at Keystone Pointe are dedicated to the care or the residents of our facility.

Coworkers Rally Together at LaGrange Nursing Home
Our team takes care of one another!

Statement Regarding COVID-19
Ensuring our staff and residents are in a safe and healthy environment is our greatest concern.

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