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Keystone Pointe Nurse is First On-Site for Local Accident

March 2, 2021
Keystone Pointe Nurse, Gia Fabo, is first to help in a Route 2 car crash that injured 9. Gia was driving on Route 2 on Saturday, February 27, and came upon an overturned vehicle. No first responders were at the scene yet and Gia stopped immediately to go out to help.

Gia, and an officer who soon arrived, realized the car could potentially catch fire and proceeded to pull several individuals out before a possible fire. While waiting for additional EMS squads to arrive, Gia watched over the 7 children involved in the crash and helped to calm their nerves.

Pictured: Gia Fabo assisting EMS squad

As so many were injured Gia also provided assistance to the multiple EMS squads and Fire Squads that arrived. Thank you, Gia! We are honored to have a team filled with people like Gia who will go above and beyond to provide for others even outside of our facility.

This is a true testament to the Culture of Care that we aim to create in our facility every day.

If you are interested in joining a team that is passionate about helping others, click the button below to see all of our available positions at Keystone Pointe.


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