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Long-term Care Success Story: Leonard Miller

March 29, 2021
Moving to a skilled-nursing facility for a long-term stay can have significant improvements in an individual’s physical and psychosocial well being. One example of this at Keystone is Leonard Miller. Leonard has been a resident of Keystone Pointe since August of 2020. Leonard was originally admitted to Keystone Pointe following a hospital stay for chronic respiratory issues. When Leonard was admitted to Keystone Pointe in August, it had been his fourth admission over the last 3 years. Leonard stated:

“The hospital asks me every time, which nursing facility I would like to go to for rehabilitation. I always tell them I want to go to Keystone Pointe and nowhere else. This place is like home to me. If I need to be anywhere, Keystone is the place.”

Pictured above is Leonard with one of his favorite visitors, Sadie, visiting dog of Keystone’s Social Worker

Leonard has since decided that he is no longer safe to return home and has decided to make Keystone Pointe his permanent home.

“It is the best decision I have made. I have everything I need here, good food, good friends, and people who love me.”

Leonard has since been able to do things he has not been able to do in a long time. “Because I am so well taken care of, I am now able to walk long distances without getting out of breath. At home, I had to use a wheelchair to get around and it was a constant struggle to catch my breath. I am now able to enjoy the things I was not able to when I was at home.”

While it was a hard decision for Leonard to give up his independence and his home, he states “It was the best decision I have made, and I have no regrets." While Leonard gives the staff at Keystone Pointe credit for his success, the staff at Keystone feel they are the lucky ones for having Leonard in their lives.

“He is always up walking the halls with a smile on his face. Leonard is always telling the staff how thankful he is for everything they do" notes one Keystone employee.

Keystone Pointe is a 121-bed rehabilitation and skilled-nursing facility located in the quiet village of LaGrange, Ohio. Everything we do at Keystone Pointe is focused on our residents as individuals. We do everything in our power to provide our residents with not only the best quality of care but also the best quality of life.

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