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Rehabilitation Success Story at Keystone Pointe

February 19, 2020
LaGrange, Ohio - Margaret came to Keystone Pointe at the end of December after a fall at home, which caused a Right Femur Fracture that was repaired at Mercy Regional Medical Center. When she came to Keystone, Dorothy had decreased muscle strength and needed assistance to ambulate, dress/bathe, and ascend/descend steps. Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy worked with Dorothy on a nearly daily basis with a variety of exercises, modalities and sharpened her cognition to help her improve. With hard work and perseverance, Ms. Seger was able to regain her independence will be returning home.

Ms. Seger credits the excellence of Keystone's therapists and nursing staff in allowing her to have a very positive outcome.

"All of the staff are wonderful!"

We wish her the best and thank her for choosing Keystone Pointe Health and Rehabilitation!

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Rehabilitation Success Story at Keystone Pointe
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