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Therapy Success Story at Keystone Pointe

January 22, 2020
LaGrange, Ohio - Dorothy came to Keystone Pointe in October after she had a total knee replacement at UH Elyria Medical Center. When she came to Keystone, Dorothy had decreased muscle strength and needed assistance to ambulate, dress/bathe and ascend/descend steps. Physical and Occupational Therapy worked with Dorothy on a nearly basis with a variety of exercises and modalities to help her improve. With hard work and perseverance, Dorothy was able to regain her independence and return home after 18 days at Keystone Pointe.

After she returned home she continued outpatient therapy at Keystone to make even further gains. Dorothy credits the excellence of Keystone’s therapists and nursing staff in allowing her to have a very positive outcome.

We wish her the best and thank her for choosing Keystone Pointe Health and Rehabilitation!

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